Sunday, May 11, 2008

Some AdWords Tips the Smart Girl Will Give You for Free

Let me put myself together for a second. These days I got to think in Adwords copy lines. My thoughts became short sentences, capitalized at almost every word longer than 2 characters. I am thoughtful as I’ve never been before in less than two by 35 characters. Plus some for the header. And now, as thoughtful as I feel, I need to share my learnings. In less than 100 characters, it could sound like this:

Anything to Make’em Click
Say Whatever Makes’em Happy as Long
as They Buy This Ad in. Click Me Now!

But I am excited, it’s pretty awesome to have such power to put a whole business philosophy, pricing strategy, CRM and Mission Statement in just few simple words. To be successful there are three stages to go: “Look at Me”, “Click Me Through” and “Buy Me Now”. To achieve these three goals, one has to pour his/her heart into the message as follows:

1. As a great marketer once said: don’t treat your customers like idiots but don’t forget for a second that this is what they are. In other words, no GMAT or GRE vocabulary allowed, don’t compete with Tolstoi or Hemingway, and don’t expect even the slightest effort or initiative from your visitor.

2. You have to tell your visitor what to do without them guessing that you actually tell them what to do. There is no better training than a marriage for this skill.

3. Offer everything and the moon at no charge. Or any offer it seems it cannot be beat.

4. Say the truth and truth only in order to build trust but enhance it with unbelievable stories, and count on pride and envy. “How to Be More Beautiful than Paris Hilton” or “Want to have $1 million by next Monday working just 5 minutes a day?” are lines that always work.

5. ”Curiosity killed the cat but made the marketer rich” applies today as always, so don’t be afraid to use words like “mystery”, “secret” or the three dots strategy... There is a CSI buried in anybody, ready to be dug out.

6. For God sake, don’t ever imply that the visitor has to do something! Make it look like what you offer will just fall on their lap once they click.

7. Don’t repeat words in your ad. It looks dumb if you are not able to fill up two lines without repeating yourself. Like I just did.

8. Think like the guy you want to impress. If you target an idiot then write your message like a 5th grader. Anything to make it above the fold.

9. Make friends with “free” guy and do not let yourself be seen with “buy” dude in your ads. It looks like you’d want to sell something!

10. Look at your competitors’ ads. Using the keywords that you smartly came up with, research how competition wrote their top 3 ads.

If nothing works, try the last argument:

“If You Don’t Click Here, Your Mother-in-law Will Show up at Your Door. Naked”.

I could’ve put more advice here but I didn’t want to waste all my tricks on one visit only. And nonetheless, I like the American 10 steps learning strategies for anything. I could’ve come up with some acronyms though… I’ll find something for next time!

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James Moore said...

One of the best posts I have read today! Excellent advice!