Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Welcome to my Zzlog!

I am reading about all kinds of derivates from the original blog-thing. First there was this weblog which is a kind of a blog. Kinda cool but it’s such a long word! Let’s make it short, let’s call it blog! There you are. Since then nothing stayed the same. Now there are Splogs and Flogs. A splog is a spam blog where the articles are fake, scraped from God-knows-what-other-website, the only reason for its miserable existence being to feed the hunger of the search engines. Oh, well. The other fake blog –oh, sorry, flog -is a clever marketing means. Companies pretending they are customers brag about their miracle-product. You cannot even trust a blog nowadays.

Hence, I will brand my blogs, and I will call them Zzlogs! Why? Why not??

How an AdWords campaign is born

We hid the beers but we left the documents open!

Last weekend, in the Loop, I met my teammates to build the AdWords campaign that we chose to do for Ramona Design Studio.
During this session I took some pictures, to prove everybody that is not an easy thing to come up with a successful ad campaign.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


You have a bit of stuff. Every 18 months if you bought your bit of stuff again, it would cost you 50% off of the previous price. Applicable for computers’ stuff only! Lately, studies showed Moore's Law almost works with real estate too..


An Internet Business Model is when you have a business where you make more money than you spend to make the money in the first place. Also, what you need in order to make your friends believe is an infrastructure, a value proposition and… customers!

For those of you still confused in understanding what in the world is Marketing useful for, here is some insight: according to Kotler “consumers, if left alone, will ordinarily not buy enough of the organization’s products. The organizations must therefore undertake an aggressive selling and promotion effort”. That is when you buy lot more than what you really need, and it’s not even Christmas!!

Technology is only something invented after I was born. Anything else is.. things around, taken as granted.

What is my LTV (Customer Lifetime Value)? Well, depending on my activity level, duration, firm’s retention spending, mainly is how much money I am going to put in your pocket without asking too many questions about discounts, free stuff or some ridiculous complaints. In other words, the more I live, the more I am likely to spend with you, and the less you are going to spend to get me in your life, the high my score is. And it’s probably going to be a high LTV, because I know I am verrrry competitive when it’s about scores!

The 3 things you look at

Guru Jakob Nielsen says (and I listen!) that to get some eyes on your ads, or some other smart thing you want to share with the world, only three things can capture people’s attention: text, (baby) faces and almost-naked women.

This rule is probably applicable for women. For men, a good cleavage should be enough to captivate.

PS: You did click on cleavage to see where it goes, didn't you?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Few words..

What is Internet?

Internet is a “series of tubes” where myriads and myriads of zeros and ones called bytes are transported by some trucks called packets. When packets pile up at the end of a tube, they transform themselves into something magic: information.

Nicholas Negroponte of the MIT Media Lab once said that "a bit has no color, size, or weight, and it can travel at the speed of light. It is the smallest atomic element in the DNA of information. It is a state of being: on or off, true or false, up or down, in or out, black or white."

What is marketing?

Marketing is the science that transforms selling into art.

According to John Caples, to accomplish this goal, one has to:

  1. Get attention
  2. Hold attention
  3. Create desire
  4. Make it believable (or a bargain)
  5. Prove it’s a bargain
  6. Make it easy to buy
  7. Give me a reason to buy it now!
  8. And if I may, I would add one more: you have to succeed in steps 1-7 again and again and again.

Also, it seems that when I buy a drill I actually look to buy some holes. Therefore, when I look to buy a dress, in fact what I seek is a better image of myself.

Speaking of which, it looks like I was born somewhere between the first email (1971) and first spam email ever sent (1978). Needless to say then that when Tim Berners-Lee proposed WWW (1990), I was already struggling with more important issues, such as school.


I am a writer, that’s how I was born, and I cannot help myself writing about anything in any language I find handy. There are moments such as when I am in the MKT 595 class (just a random example!), and I get hit by all kinds of ideas, and knowledge comes to me from everywhere. Learning can be painful but more painful is forgetting. I know from experience. That’s the reason I came up with this blog.

Since I got my first computer I forgot to write with pen on paper, everything is somehow related with my laptop. More than that, the Internet became my external memory and I am “his” emotional intelligence. So to speak… Therefore, here I am, online and kicking; trying to keep up with all the knowledge that surrounds me, praying that it's contagious. How? By writing down everything that knocks me down, takes my breath away, makes me smarter, and …can be a good line to impress a job interviewer or some friends. E-marketing related, what did you think??