Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Welcome to my Zzlog!

I am reading about all kinds of derivates from the original blog-thing. First there was this weblog which is a kind of a blog. Kinda cool but it’s such a long word! Let’s make it short, let’s call it blog! There you are. Since then nothing stayed the same. Now there are Splogs and Flogs. A splog is a spam blog where the articles are fake, scraped from God-knows-what-other-website, the only reason for its miserable existence being to feed the hunger of the search engines. Oh, well. The other fake blog –oh, sorry, flog -is a clever marketing means. Companies pretending they are customers brag about their miracle-product. You cannot even trust a blog nowadays.

Hence, I will brand my blogs, and I will call them Zzlogs! Why? Why not??


James Moore said...

Zzlogs? Well I heard it here first. You need to brand this term now. this could be your big idea.

Just a girl said...

wow! i didn't know about this zzlog!!