Thursday, August 28, 2008

God Google and His AdWords Apostles

So here I come, happy and proud of myself, part of the 13th greatest Adwords Google Challenged Team raising from this blessed continent. Me, looking back at the two-hundred-and-something-clicks that we got with our free money… Boy, was I proud or what?
All was great, and life was good until I started working with some people who know this stuff. Then I realized that my hand-picked poor 20 keywords for each of my poor little 4 campaigns would never be able to buy more than a couple of hundreds of irrelevant clicks. That is because to get relevant, we talk.. let’s say.. what about 300,000 keywords? Yeap, five zeros! For each of the 30 campaigns, what did you think? That’s about any combination of any word and phrase that human mind can relate to the guilty subject for each strategy. Of course the “20/80” rule applies, 99% of all clicks depend on not more than 10 of the greatest keywords. That’s true, more than 99.99% of the keywords are useless, but hey, the same happens when you throw a party and invite a bunch of idiots just to have an excuse to get closer to that hot chick. Plus, you never know, if she doesn’t fall for you at least you can get wasted with somebody. Properly wasted!
Another thing that astonished me is the amount of money companies shove on Advertisement’s throat, for Google’s sake! That’s because I was thinking, hey, it’s just a game, I mean seriously, it’s like playing scrabble and fishing in the same time, online! I make up some senseless words (ie. sex, secret, free), hang the bait on a website and wait for curious victims to click it. But then what? Then pray. Pray the dude will buy it. Otherwise you just wasted $100,000 (yeap, 5 zeros, again!)..
Funny (whatever that means!) is that Google gets more than a half of this cake, Yahoo less than a third, and the rest fight for the rest. Who are the rest? The rest…
But what really made me reconsider my first experience in the Adwords world is my misconception about clicks. Well, my friends, clicks are overrated! A click is not worth a dime without a big fat conversion rate. The Mighty Conversion Rate! Amen!
Conclusion: Duh!

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mikkanu said...

nicely dun! and mighty well put :)